Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing methods and tools need to be applied according to your current situation. We support you in a step-by-step individual lean implementation: TAKT, Flow, Pull, Leveling. What are your barriers for continuous flow? How can Low Cost Automation support your flow? Do you have your indirect functions synchronized with your production?



Lean in Engineering & Development

How is your takt in R&D and engingeering? Do you work on the right projects and topics? On how many projects in parallel work your people? Where are your current develoment problems? Lean in Engineering and R&D helps you to standardize your workflow, to detect problems at an early stage and to highlight your daily actions. It will help you to get focused on the right things.

Lean Administration

What is the leadtime of an Investment Release in your company? Why does it take so long? How long is the document idle and when do you really work on it? Business processes and the information flow between organization units are often complex and not transparent.

To classify and to quantify business processes and to identify the potential improvement measures we use Activity Structure Analysis and the Information Structure Analysis for visualization, mutual understanding and common transformations.



Lean Supply Chain & logistics

"The only true statement about a Forecast is that it will be wrong!" Lean Supply Chain methods like Milk runs, Cross Docks, Lean Warehousing, JIT, JIS help you to increase your flexibility. You can react faster on variations and changes.

Lean Supplier Development

Create a longterm partnership with your suppliers. Improve the holistic Supply chain together with your suppliers and get maximum synchronization of activities between all parties.



Lean Company

The Lean Company Program stands for sustainable Business Excellence. It creates an organization with focus on customer orientation and holistic waste-free processes. It enables your company to be world-class in customer satisfaction, lead time, efficiency, zero defects, flexibility and innovation. 

The Lean Company Program is an approach across functions actively driven by the Top Management to transform his organization to a Lean Company. Therefore you need to develop your Management to Lean Leader who must take ultimate responsibility and accept accountability. That means they have to provide a vision which helps to guide their managers and employees to develop a Learning Organization.

Lean Culture

Cultural change starts with increasing awareness of Lean. Inspiration by management, training and positive experiences with application of Lean lead to a change of attitude.

Regular training and exercising make Lean become second nature. It transfers the new way of thinking to a change of behavior.

When this change reaches all your employees, the culture of the entire organization changes.

A Corporate Team Event is an excellent enabler on your lean journey.


Teambuilding Event